If you cannot be a poet, be the poem

– David Carradine

 Just Write
When writing lights your soul on fire
But you do not pour onto the page
You are abandoning not only yourself
But the words themselves
They sit screaming within
Desperate, yearning to be free
Yet they are stifled
By your fear

The Fallen Tree
Fallen druid
Ancient soul
Resting across
The woodland soil

Limbs outstretched
Flesh laid bare
Nestled among nettles
In Mother Nature's care

 I cannot write poems of destruction
 Only sunshine
 And overcoming
 I think that means
 I’ve made it 
 Once chaos
 Now peace
 Once tragedy
 Now joy
 Depression made me a great poet
 But now I am free 

 The new me
 Makes my heart

 My flesh is scarred
 From my tongue’s
 Semantic violence 

 My thoughts
 Are killing me
 Plunging me into darkness
 Yet again  

 Dancing with the tide
 The moon my only company
 She sees me
 And beams down upon my flesh
 Awakening all my sensuous imperfections
 I am whole  
 Journey to Joy
 I used to be tiny
 My bones visible, my limbs thin
 I’ve never had an eating disorder
 I just simply couldn’t gain weight
 Due to the catastrophic chaos
 Taking place in my mind
 Adrenaline coursing through my veins
 Anxiety seeping out my pores
 Fight or flight
 Every waking moment
 But I am now plump, and proud
 My curves a glorious emblem
 Of how far I have journeyed
 Proving my triumph at battle
 Against my demons
 The peace has arrived
 Happiness coursing through my veins
 Abundance seeping out my pores
 Living authentically
 Every waking moment

My hands are raw
As is my heart
Feeling so apart
Gaping holes
The rules are restricting
Life in lockdown
Are we living or
Just existing?
The Fae
Twisted tree trunks
Earthy floor
Fawns, faeries
Goblins galore
Dance with us, come
We shall have fun
With sprite and spirit, forever more

Open Me
We are all
Leather bound books
Just waiting to be read
Cover to cover
Desperately longing
To be understood

You can grow mountains
From your struggle
And plant trees
From your pain
When you prove to yourself
You can battle every demon
And slay every dragon
You will dance
Come sun or rain

To come together
To hold each other
To bask in each other's warmth
This be the greatest
Comfort of all

The Hunt
The hippo basks
In the rays
The gator slides
Into view
Can you get away?
Meal time
Mother Nature
Has had her pay

The Land of the Fae
The woodland sprites
Fawns and goblins
Together lead the way,
Through the Forest
Beyond the river
To the land of the Fae

The magic
Of a book
Turn each page
With intention
With vigour
Absorb the magick
Breathe in the words
Unfold yourself

Moon Child
She reached beyond the stars
With her words
She spoke to the moon
As she wept
And roared to the sun
As she grew
Her velvet voice
Wrapping the silky sky
And the earth quivered
As she rooted herself firmly
As a child of the universe

Chaos swoops in
A tornado of mayhem
It rips up the earth around you
Spinning in despair
Circling, uprooting
But you?
You stay right there
Feet firmly on the ground
Arms spread wide
Smile wider
Calm and centred

Open yourself up to life
Release yourself
From your thoughts
Free your mind
And breathe into being

Her voice
Their souls

Volcanic Heart
Her words are the lava
That her volcanic heart
Spews out

I am Woman
I am woman
I am power
I am strength
I am tough
I am armed
I am ready
I am woman

Everything means nothing
If I do not love myself

Love me!
My body cries
I’m trying,
I tell her

She drowns
In her mind’s ocean
Collapsing to the seabed
Unable to surface

Take My Hand
Take my hand, child
Let us leave our thoughts
For a while

Im rediscovering myself
She who hid
She who blooms
She who has arisen
What will I find?
Must give to myself
What not yet given

You have all it takes
Inside of you
But the one obstacle
Is that you don’t believe so