Imbolc: ritual for spring

The Earth begins to wake again. This festival of Imbolc marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, the ending of winter and the return of the Sun.

Crafting this doll and cross was such a fun, ancient ritual and I feel fulfilled having honoured Brigid, goddess of poetry, fire, fertility and healing. I don’t usually work with deities but I felt drawn to Brigid this week. I wrote down the things I want to release with the death of winter and did so in candlelight as part of this cleansing ritual.

My body is currently in the few days surrounding ovulation, which feels comfortingly aligned with the awakening of the Earth and the re-emergence of the warmth of Spring. It makes me smile knowing my body’s sacred cycle is part of nature’s cyclic rhythm.

I’ve seen some pretty snowdrops sitting under trees on my dog walks and can sense a change in the air. I have already felt a significant shift in my life this week, a change in pace and intention. Opportunities are emerging and new adventures are on the horizon, so I’ve been using the energy of Imbolc to do my final threads of winter inner work and step confidently into a new chapter alongside Brigid the Exalted One.

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