Hag Stones: A Magickal Quest

The thrill of the hunt pulls me in. I stand tall and drool at the vast landscape of pebbles and stones and shells before me. This will be fun.

I spend hours sifting through the beach, breath held, filled to the brim with anticipation of finding The One. Many come close, fooling me with a dent in their side that hasn’t quite penetrated through.

And then I see her. Perfectly pierced and resting on the ground before me, she is nestled among other unsuspecting rocks. Battered by the ocean and glistening from the sea, she presents herself to me. I am in awe.


Said to hold the power of the earth, bring good fortune to those who possess them and offer sight into the spirit realm, hag stones are a staple in the world of magick.

Despite seeming rather ordinary, hag stones carry with them a deep ancient history full of wonder and connection. Many people, myself included, feel extremely drawn to these special rocks. Moulded and transformed by the power of water, they hold a current of potent energy that is irresistible to those who are sensitive to the natural world.

If you find one, be sure to thank the moon and her tides. Be sure to hold it close.

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