Reignite Your Soul

And just like that, the birds within began to sing.

I have felt ‘off’ for a while – existential unrest, stuck in a rut. I’ve felt out of touch with myself, a sort of dissonance, so to speak. I hadn’t been able to pinpoint it ’til now.

Today I realised what had happened: I had wandered too far from my soul’s roots, from my Knowing. Too far from the Fae. Too far from myself. Preoccupied with plans and social events and navigating life’s responsibilities, I’d been too busy with the external world that I forgot to nurture my inner world.

So I went back to the things that I love. The solitary things. The Fae were beckoning me, calling upon my return to the forest.

Through indulging once again in the magick that stirs my soul and ignites me from within, I have regained a sense of balance and a newfound energy in the last 12 hours. I hadn’t written anything for a mind-boggling amount of time, especially for someone who claims to be a writer. I hadn’t connected with magick for far too long. Folklore had slipped my radar, my inner witch was redundant and conversations with elves and goblins were way overdue.

If you go too long without connecting to yourself and basking in the wonders that make your heart sing, you will, without doubt, begin to lose yourself slightly and tilt your plane of balance in the favour of unrest. You’ll dislodge your happiness.

We must follow our heart’s desires, bathe in our curiosities, soak in life’s seedlings of imagination and wonder. After all, what’s the point in living life in the shadows, eh?

Have you been tending to your fascinations lately? Go on, unlock your soul once again.

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