Gentle Reminder

Here to remind you that we are all fragile beings with delicate intricacies and wounds and facades and aching hearts and bruised perceptions.

And also that we all have everything we need within us. You can tackle your demons head on and articulate your life in any which way you like. You can manifest happiness from the fibres of your being because you are a feeling, breathing human being and that is an incredible feat in itself.

Yes you will struggle, yes it will hurt, yes you may entirely fall apart and see nothing but bleakness, but that emptiness inside can dismantle, and joy can seep in. I promise you. We are all made up of chemicals and potions, and the deciding factor is only your thoughts.

If you need external assistance, just ask. Reach out, see the doctor, get the meds, see a therapist. You will survive, you will thrive and you will transform. I believe in you.


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