Fellow white peeps, please read up on the systemic racism that exists blatantly in this world, as well as the undercurrent of prejudice that flows through everyday life. Sign petitions, reach out, donate if you can. Talk to family and friends, spread awareness and support and love. As the younger generation of white people it is our duty to take an honest look at our own privilege and harboured subconscious prejudices.

And we must use the remainder of our lifetimes to awaken at least one puddle of education, awareness or change of biased tendentiousness. So that future generations can live in harmony. Palpable conversations and difficult realisations are inexcusably necessary.

Feel the guilt. Sit with it. Feel the rage. Act on it. Rise up. Spread hope. Speak up against the injustice that surrounds the lives of those outside our protective bubble of pink flesh.

Change takes time and you may feel like your efforts won’t matter; that your support will bring nothing tangible. But the ocean would not be so great if each droplet did not exist.

#blacklivesmatter #chooselove #equality
I’ll never understand, but with you I stand.

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