She stared at him, open-mouthed and gaping-hearted. His words turned to dust in the air and silence fell among them.

The room was drenched in heartache. How could he indulge in such betrayal, such dishonour? Her heart began to crumble, chaotically dissecting all she knew before this moment. The false sense of security, the tender words of comfort, the promises of forever. Is that it, then? Done? Panic set in. Her mind began to race, frantically jumping from cause to conclusion, desperately trying to work out where she had gone wrong. She looked to him one last time for comfort. He was empty, eyes glazed over. The distance between them was all but a foot, but it felt like a gaping cavity. A tectonic estrangement. Ruptured, she picked up her slumped body from the ground, and began to walk away. That was it. Finished.

And that’s the story of Ruby the dog and her human master who refused belly rubs.

Inspired by my beloved pooch, Bubbles.

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